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 This is a list of the books read by the “Birds in Words” group

Attenborough, David, Life of Birds 10/09

Burroughs, John The Birds of John Burroughs 11/13

Carson, Rachel Silent Spring 6/13

Dempsey, Luke A Supremely Bad Idea 6/14

Dunne, Pete The Feather Quest 11/10

Dunne, Pete Tales of a Low-Rent Birder 3/13

Gentile, Olivia Life List (Phoebe Snetsinger) 6/10

Gessner, David Return of the Osprey 7/12

Greenberg, Joel A Feathered River Across the Sky 1/15

Heinrich, Bernd Mind of the Raven 5/09

Heinrich, Bernd Winter World 4/14

Hoose, Phillip Moonbird 1/14

Kaufman, Ken Kingbird Highway 2/09

Leopold, Aldo A Sand County Almanac 10/12

Matthiessen, Peter The Birds of Heaven 2/12

Montgomery, Sy Birdology 6/11

Obmascik, Mark The Big Year 11/11

O’Brien, Stacey Wesley the Owl 7/10

Pepperberg, Irene Alex & Me 7/10

Peterson, Roger T. & James Fisher Wild America 2/09

Raffin, Michelle The Birds of Pandemonium 3/15

Rosen, Jonathan Life of the Skies 3/10

Teale, Edwin Way Journey into Summer 9/15

Teale, Edwin Way A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm 4/12

Teale, Edwin Way North With the Spring 5/15

Teale, Edwin Way Wandering Through Winter 2/11

Trudge, Colin The Bird (Read only parts) 9/14

Weidensaul, Scott Living on the Wind 11/09

Weidensaul, Scott Of A Feather 10/08
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