Trip Report for Naugatuck State Forest

Naugatuck State Forest Field Trip Report

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, twenty-five club members went on a memorable hike through the Naugatuck State Forest West Block in search of breeding birds and migrants.  We started at the brushy overgrown field south of Hunters Mountain Road.  We got great looks at Prairie Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, and Scarlet Tanager there.  We then hiked down the trail heading south from the end of the road.  We eventually made it to the large freshwater pond along the trail.  There, we saw pairs of Eastern Kingbirds and Tree Swallows near a beaver lodge.   We were pleased to find a Solitary Sandpiper and a Northern Waterthrush foraging at the edge of the lesser pond near the main trail.  Notable sightings along the trail included Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Yellow-throated Vireo, and Worm-eating and Magnolia Warbler.  We then walked down the scenic ravine trail that parallels a cascading brook. Species we encountered there included Acadian Flycatcher, Louisiana Waterthrush, and Swainson’s Thrush.  We then walked along the Spruce Brook Road, past the rifle range, and then back to our starting point, seeing and hearing several nice birds along the way.  Before we called an end to our long but rewarding trip, we hiked through the brushy field north of the road.  There, we saw Indigo Bunting, Eastern Bluebird, and Blue-winged, Yellow, and Prairie Warblers.  We recorded a total of 67 species, a fine total for a fine day.


Chris Loscalzo


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