Trip report - Bombay Hook NWR... 11/29/14

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A Trip Too Far

This is the first and LAST time I schedule a fieldtrip on the worst driving weekend of the year – Thanksgiving. I’m rolling it back to Veteran’s Day. The traffic was awful.

The birding, however, was great. We got 86 species including about 15,000 Snow Geese, 60 Tundra Swans, 2 groups of Eastern Meadowlarks – a flock of 5 and a flock of 10 and lots of other flying objects which made the trip great in spite of the traffic.

The snow made it as far as Princeton, NJ. Bombay Hook NWR is on Delaware Bay was unaffected. Our hosts at the Catnap Inn invited us to their Thanksgiving Dinner. We have been staying with them since 1995 so they are family now.

Regards of the seasons to all,

Mike and Pat Horn



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