Night at the Yale Peobody Museum, Thurs August 24 , 7-9 PM

  • Sorry, this event is full.  We will look to repeat in the future

    Please join us for a special event exclusively for NHBC members – Night at the Peabody Museum with Dr. Kristof Zyskowski.  Dr. Zyskowski is manager of vertebrate collections and will offer a behind the scenes tour of extinct, endangered and threatened birds.  The birds featured will include, for example, Passenger Pigeon, Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Carolina Parakeet, Pink Headed Duck, Hawaiian Crow and others.  Dr. Zyskowski will discuss the new ways researchers have been addressing the preservation of endangered species with hopeful results.

    To allow time for lots of viewing and questions, there will be a limit of 20 participants.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Gail Martino, and she will add you to the list.  The collections building is located on the 1st floor corridor of the Environmental Science Center adjacent to the Peabody Museum at 21 Sachem St.  Please use the museum parking off Whitney Avenue or metered parking on Sachem St.


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