New Haven Science Fair


science fair 2016

Casting Our Bread upon the Waters                                        

Well, another New Haven Science Fair has come and gone. This is the 5/17/2016 version. Pat and I have been doing these

since 2004 and attending then since 2000.  This year, we did something different. As some of you may remember, we did not award a prize last year because of the lack of relevant bird related projects. We checked all the projects that were even remotely related to birds and asked the teachers involved what they would do with the $200.00 Bird Club prize. One teacher stood out, She is Mrs. Diana Hunter, a first grade teacher Edgewood Magnet School. She said that she and her class would use it to fix up the bird feeding station at the back of the school.

The children, for her “Our Eggs-periment”, are pictured above. They are, from left to right, Tali, Sahana and Julius (first names only). These children are bright and enthusiastic and a reflection Mrs. Hunter.

 About Mrs. Diana Hunter: She, her husband and their two and nine tenths kid live in Cheshire where her husband maintains some yard bird feeders. She had seen her first fully changed Goldfinch this morning. Please welcome into the club Diana and her family.


Report Submitted by: Michael Horn 5/17/2016