New Haven Science Fair



Where the Wild Things Are

The youngest among us have scored again. The first graders Diane Huot’s class at Conte – West Hills School have walked away with our top honors at The New Haven Science Fair v2017. As usual, the project was a class project typical of grades K through 4.


The project had to do with seeing what the differences are between a city park –

Quinnipiac River Park south of Grand St and the Eugene B Fargeorge Wildlife Preserve that the N H Bird Club has had fieldtrips to for many years.


In the pictures, Diane Huot is on the extreme left. The Children, left to right, Sarjah, Alyany and Juan Danial, were eager, well behaved and full of the wonder of seeing a wilder world. They bubbled over with the things they saw and the things they learned about birds, mammals and reptiles and invertebrates to Pat’s questions.


It became obvious that their teacher, Diane Huot, did a wonderful job.


It is Diane’s goal to use the $200.00 to enhance the new school yard habitat.


Report Submitted by: Michael Horn 5/17/2017