About the Conservation Committee



Scope and Mission Statement for NHBC Conservation Activities

NHBC will work for the preservation and restoration of bird populations and their habitats, with an emphasis primarily on, but not limited to New Haven County.


The New Haven Bird Club and the New Haven Bird Club Conservation Committee will pursue its mission in the Greater New Haven area by:

  • Participating in advocacy efforts when certain issues and legislation are pending on the Federal, State and local levels if the policy or legislation impacts the integrity of our birding areas.
  • Organizing and participating in activities to restore habitat in our local areas such as invasive weed eradication, beach clean ups and trail maintenance.
  • Participating in local National Wildlife Refuge Friends Organizations.
  • Helping with land acquisition fund raising to set aside and preserve habitat.
  • Assisting other organizations whose activities align with NHBC’s mission.
  • Creating and or maintaining access to local bird areas by working with other organizations or political bodies.
  • Engaging in bird studies such as census, territory mapping, hawk watch etc.
  • Engaging in community outreach for education and birding activities.